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Sarah J Petchell barge with CIP and Owatrol Oil

A customer recently sent over some pictures where she used CIP and Owatrol Oil in the restoration of her 1930’s Dutch Motordekschuit barge. It’s a big project measuring in at 15m x 4m so is being tackled in small sections. She began by working on the starboard deck using both Owatrol CIP to help protect […]

Yacht checklist

Yacht maintenance checklist

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If you’re a yacht owner, we’re sure you are aware of how much the running costs are. Maintenance is not only recommended for safety but to also increase the longevity of the yacht. There are various things you can do to keep your yacht looking and operating at its best. Some will need to be […]

Man cleaning a boat with a pressure washer

Is the hull on your canal boat blacking in need of a touch-up? Are you new to owning a boat and not sure what you should do? Then this guide is for you! Regular blacking of your hull is vital to maintain the overall condition of your boat to keep it from rusting in the […]

How to restore a faded gelcoat with Polytrol

It is a very common problem with boats for their gelcoat to become faded and to lose its shine.  This happens naturally from exposure to the elements such as UV rays, weather and pollution. With this weathering, the surface of the gelcoat errodes and becomes chalky and dull looking. But do not worry, restoring your […]