Aquanett used to clean and revive a wooden fence

Wood Strippers

The wood stripper range has various products depending on your requirements. Whether you need to remove paint, stains, grade stamps, mill glaze or wood oil we have a product that will work for your specific needs. We are proud that several of our wood strippers are biodegradable. Containing no bleach, solvents or paraffin, our wood strippers are safe to use in sensitive environments, such as around shrubs in your garden, and can be washed away by using water.

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  • Prepdeck


    From 33.57

    High grade stripper for wood finishes, grade stamps & mill glaze

  • Stripping Paint From Wood


    From 16.96

    Solvent free paint remover - strips up to 8 coats at one application

  • Aquanett removing existing coating


    From 15.28

    Solvent-free wood oil remover which strips new and old oils

  • Before and after paint stripping
    DSP 1L

    DSP 800 Multi-Purpose Stripper

    From 26.26

    Powerful, fast-acting stripper for removing single and 2-pack paints