Black metal fence maintained with Owatrol products

Metal Primers & Finishes

The Owatrol metal primers & finishes range consists of products that assist with giving you the most premium finish to your metal care projects. From rust inhibiting paints, to rust prevention to glossy varnishes, there is something for everyone's metal care needs.

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  • Owatrol Oil being applied to a rusted metal gate with a brush
    Owatrol Oil 1L With 300ml Spray Can

    Owatrol Oil

    From 8.14

    Colourless, penetrating rust inhibitor & oil-based paint additive

  • revive a composite front door with Polytrol
    Polytrol 1L with spray can


    From 16.27

    Colour restorer for dull or faded surfaces including car trims

  • Decorative Metal Paint Owatrol Deco
    Owatrol Deco

    Owatrol Deco

    From 25.58

    Rust inhibiting multi-surface primer and finish for all surfaces

  • Marine CIP


    From 32.55

    Rust-inhibiting penetrating primer for overcoating with any paint

  • AP60


    From 25.09

    Anti-corrosive matt finish primer for new or rusted surfaces

  • RA85 Aluminium Paint

    RA85 Aluminium Paint

    From 27.12

    Flexible anti-corrosive high gloss aluminium paint finish

  • Oxid Vernis packaging

    Owatrol Oxid Vernis

    From 23.05

    Oxid Vernis is a single pack clear varnish, for use on new or oxidised metals

  • Cosmofer applied to car body work


    From 11.78

    2-Pack quick drying universal polyester filler

  • PID 60 Marine

    PID 60 Marine

    From 26.69

    A universal anti-rust primer

  • Choukrout on a pallet knife



    Quick drying 2-Pack fibreglass reinforced polyester filler

  • Floor Vernis on a staircase
    Floor Vernis packaging

    Owatrol Vernis Floor


    Oxid Vernis Floor is a single pack clear varnish, for use on new or oxidised metals