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Rust on tiles after Net-Trol

Sadly, it is very common to have rust stains appear on your patio or other stoned areas. These marks usually appear when your garden furniture or other metal equipment begin to rust due to oxidation caused by the weather. This results in rust stains and spots on your tiles. These stains can often be difficult […]

Composite wood decking

This is the first post in a series that we will be running over the next few weeks in regards to helping you with choosing, installing and maintaining a garden deck. Today we will be explaining the main types of decking as well as giving you the pros and cons of each. Pressure-Treated Softwood Decking Around […]

Transyl being applied to an engine

Sadly, it is all too easy for our tools, furniture and many other belongings to succumb to the damaging effects of rust. To protect your things from the elements, we recommend you use a rust inhibiting oil. But first, what creates rust in the first place? What exactly is rust? Rust, other wise known as […]

Seasonite application

Today we are going to explain all the different ways of protecting your new decking. How to protect a new deck If you have a brand new unfinished deck, we recommend using a wood protector like Owatrol Seasonite. New wood is very vulnerable to the elements during its first year, so Seasonite stabilises new wood […]

Various tools

Iron oxide, otherwise known as rust, can be unsightly and if not controlled can even cause irreversible damage. Do you have any tools that have become rusty? Or perhaps a metal fence? Maybe your patio tiles have rust marks left behind from rusting garden furniture? Well, you will be happy to learn that there are […]