Water-based paint conditioner to eliminate brush and roller marks

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  • Use in all water-based paints
  • Improves the flow and maintains the wet edge - paint without effort
  • Improves the finish - maintains the inherent quality and characteristics of the paint
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use and great for special effects
  • Eases application of painting in difficult conditions
  • Great for acrylic paint pouring

Floetrol is a water-based paint conditioner that helps improve paint flow and workability of paint. Floetrol makes interior and exterior emulsion and acrylic paints (including coloured wood stains) work more like oil-based paints. Not only that but, it also allows paint to adjust to more difficult conditions such as hot, cold and windy environments.

Arguably the most important attribute of Floetrol, it helps to eliminate brush and roller marks. It does this by improving the flow of the paint enabling for a more professional finish. The improved paint flow also allows you to make progress quicker.

Unlike damaging paint thinners or water, Floetrol does all this without affecting the inherent qualities of the paint or colour. When used in a paint sprayer, Floetrol allows up to 20% reduction in pressure without affecting the spray pattern or performance and helps to prevent clogging and wear and tear on tips.

Floetrol can also be used as a medium for acrylic paint pouring art. Its composition helps to create the highly sought after strong, well-formed cells most artists are looking for without compromising the colour of the paint. We have a Q&A blog post about using Floetrol in your art work which can be found here.


Ideal Uses for Floetrol

  • Exterior painting in hot, cold or windy weather
  • Using a paint spray gun – Floetrol helps to extend it’s life by reducing wear and tear
  • Helping paint to flow with no brush and roller marks
  • Reducing roller pressure and preventing paint build up at the ends of the roller
  • Providing a spray-like finish when rolling


Floetrol is milky white in colour and as such cannot be used in clear varnishes.

Do not add Floetrol to oil or alkyd based paints including glycerophtalic paint, for these paints use Owatrol Oil to achieve the same results.

Always read the Floetrol Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

Prepare surface as per instructions on your paint/finish can. As part of this please ensure that you have removed all loose and flaking material. You should also treat any organic growth (mould etc.) with a fungicidal solution or a mix of 1 part water to 1 part chlorine bleach (allow the bleach solution to sit for 15 minutes), rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.


Stir your paint thoroughly and begin to apply in the normal manner. If paint the pulls, sets too fast, does not level or flow properly, add Floetrol until the paint spreads smoothly, easily and provides sufficient ‘wet-edge’. Allow the brush, roller or sprayer to be your guide.

To add Floetrol first shake the container well. Then add the Floetrol following the guidelines below and stir the mixture thoroughly. Now apply your paint and Floetrol mixture to your surface in the normal manner.

Using Floetrol with a Brush or Roller

Add approximately 7-10% per litre of paint. If the paint is thick, or in extreme temperatures, more Floetrol may gradually be added, up to 15% per litre.

Using Floetrol with an HVLP & Cup Gun sprayer

Add 5-10% per litre of paint. The amount depends on the consistency and flow properties of the paint. If the paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per litre of paint to thin it.

Using Floetrol with an Airless sprayer

Add up to 10% per litre of paint.

Using Floetrol for Faux finishing

Add 20-25% per litre of paint. Do not add too much conditioner for vertical surfaces as the technique may sag or vanish.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with soap and water.

Things to Remember

  • Cover everything you do not wish to paint
  • Always mix a small amount with Floetrol first to test compatibility
  • the amount of Floetrol added will not change the colour of matt or semi-gloss emulsion or acrylic paints. Floetrol may reduce the sheen in gloss paints.
  • Do not use in clear varnishes
  • Do not use Floetrol in oil-based paints – instead use Owatrol Oil for the same effects

34 reviews for Floetrol

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  1. Avatar

    Michelle Heather Verified Owner

    I was impressed by the speed of service offered and the fact one can buy a sample to try with free postage. I used it with Laura Ashley eggshell paint and I got better results with it than without. Would certainly consider buying it in the future.

  2. Avatar

    Carol Grocott Verified Owner

    Bought two sample jars to try with my acrylic art. The results were great, so I bought a larger bottle (with a discount because of buying the sample pots). The delivery for both was amazing – within a couple of days of ordering. Also, the packages were left in the designated place each time, as I was out both times. Full marks.

  3. Avatar

    PlumKat Verified Owner

    I use Floetrol in my art work, to help the paint flow. My latest canvasses are huge! 150x100cms, so I’ll no doubt be ordering more Floetrol very soon!

  4. Avatar


    Excellent customer service and speed of delivery…..I actually ordered 2 of the wrong one, but it worked just as well. I needed the ‘latex’ one for my acrylic pouring, so will keep looking for that.

  5. Avatar

    Lee Carroll Verified Owner

    I use Floetrol in my artwork. It is an excellent acrylic pouring medium, I’ve tried them all and this is the best. Whilst it’s not cheap it certainly works out a lot less expensive than any other ‘artist’ brand available in the UK. If you think it’s over-priced then stop comparing it to stuff only sold in the USA, compared to Liquitex it’s a bargain!
    I took advantage of the free delivery and stocked up, the customer service team at Owatrol were brilliant.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you so much for your 5 star rating and review of Floetrol.
      If you have any artwork you would like to share with us, please send some pictures and a little bit about how you create your pieces to sales@owatroluk.com – we would love to do a case study on you and your work (full credit will be given to you for use of images etc).

      Thanks again.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  6. Avatar

    Suzy Bricknell-Sproston Verified Owner

    I was really please to have found this at a reasonable price as I have been so pleased with the results I have had from using this in my latest project. Have since re-ordered it and both deliveries were really quick. Very happy.

  7. Avatar

    Jan Welsman

    I tried a sample size of floetrol from you, and found it worked. This was a great way to experiment with art pieces. I was really please to have found this at a reasonable price and after I had used it I was able to purchase 1ltr size at a discount and no postage to pay.
    Both deliveries were really quick. Very happy.

  8. Avatar

    rob fuller

    I’d give 5 stars for the product as it does exactly what it is supposed to do but it loses 2 stars for the EXTORTIONATE cost of this product, for what it is.

    This is available for $7 in the USA – $7!!!

    Why pouring medium of any kind is so expensive over here in the UK is beyond me and it’s not like there are any better alternatives. Liquitex is just as bad!

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your review of Floetrol.
      We were happy to read that you loved our product, despite feeling it was expensive.

      Owatrol Easy Flow (which is the American name for Owatrol Floetrol) on the Owatrol USA website is sold for $15.70 per litre which is approximately £11.75 before shipping fees.

      Owatrol USA couldn’t afford to sell Easy Flow / Floetrol for $7 per liter as they would be losing money on each sale.

      In the USA there is another product with a similar name called Flood Floetrol which is cheaper than Owatrol Floetrol – perhaps this is where the confusion lies regarding the price.

      Thankyou again for taking the time to highlight these queries and thank you for your honest review of Floetrol.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  9. Avatar

    ElleBea Verified Owner

    I am happy to review Floetrol, having just completed a large diy project.

    Many of us have been directed to water-based paints as gloss paints, due to recent formula changes, do now not stay white. Water-based paints dry extremely quickly and Floetrol helps give a longer application time and superior finish.

    It has been said that the added cost of Floetrol is annoying but Floetrol is an addition to the paint, so one has more volume and the cost is therefore negligible whilst giving a far better finish than without it.

  10. Avatar

    ElleBea Verified Owner

    I am pleased to review Owatrol and can recommend it.

    The lack of decent ‘stay-white’ gloss paints has redirected many of us to water-based paints and as these dry extremely quickly it can be difficult to obtain a good finish. Owatrol helps maintain a good paint flow and finish.

    It has been said that the extra cost of Owatrol is annoying but when the cost of the Owatrol is factored into producing more volume of paint, the cost is negligible.

  11. Avatar

    Carole Bligh Verified Owner

    Absolutely love this product to allow my acrylic paint to flow well without leaving brush marks. Customer service from Owatrol Direct was second to none – extremely helpful and very competitively priced. Wouldn’t hesitate to order from here again.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi there Carole,

      Thank you so much for your kind words & 5 star rating.
      We are very happy you had a great experience using Floetrol and loved the end result.
      If you have any before and after shots of your project (or even just after shots) we would love to make a case study of your experience. Feel free to drop us an email and we will get right on it.

      Thanks again Carole.

      All the very best,
      The Owatrol Team

  12. Avatar

    Jason Verified Owner

    I’m DIY not pro but have used Dulux Trade Satinwood for years and love it. Tried the water based Quick Dry version in a busy room that I couldn’t keep pets out of all day and struggled to get the finish I’m used to with the solvent based. It goes past workable too quickly for this amateur and I couldn’t lay off in time or touch in bits I was not happy with when I stood back. Got a sample of this and will be buying more. It has taken the frustration out of using the same paint and given the finish I desire. It adds a small cost to each room decorated but the low odour and two coats in a day is something I want every time now!

  13. Avatar

    Mark W Verified Owner

    Recently decided to stop using oil based gloss and satin due to drying times, smell and yellowing.
    Started using Leyland quick dry undercoat and satin and straight away found problems with open time being too short and brush marks which if I tried to correct caused the paint to ball up.
    Investigated on the internet and found the answer- Floetrol.
    Happy days added 10% to undercoat and satin and they are now behaving more like oil based paints.
    The Leyland paint for the money has proved to be excellent as well and that includes their emulsion!
    I will be using Floetrol all the time from now on.Very Happy

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi there Mark,

      Thank you so much for your kind words & 5 star rating.
      We are very happy you had a great experience using our products and loved the end result.
      If you have any before and after shots of your project (or even just after shots) we would love to make a case study of your experience. Feel free to drop us an email and we will get right on it.

      Thanks again Mark.

      All the very best,
      The Owatrol Team

  14. Avatar

    gwen Kitching Verified Owner

    I’m an artist not a painter and decorator. I use floetrol to produce abstract acrylic pours as decorative art. This product helps the paint to flow and move and works well. it dries to a matt finish on canvas. Pity it’s so expensive over here, fellow artists in the US pay $5.00 per quart!!!!

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi Gwen,
      Thank you very much for your recent review on Floetrol.
      The Owatrol US site sells their Easy Flow (same product different name) for $15.70 for a quart.
      Sadly for us in the UK, we have taxes and much stricter laws, so we cannot produce the exact same product here as they do in the US. The US can use different ingredients in their product which brings down their overall costs.
      We hope you understand why our price is what it is and hope you will still consider using our products in the future.
      All the very best,
      The Owatrol Team

  15. Avatar

    Tim C Verified Owner

    The perfect additative for airbrushing emulsion pasints, makes it flow and spray perfectly!

  16. Avatar


    Some GOOD STUFF!!!! As a novice and my very first time painting, the finished result looked very professional indeed. No brush or roller marks I mean 0. I’m on my way to get a second carton!!!

  17. Avatar

    Michaela Verified Owner

    Used today, with Valspar satin finish water based paint, on wood panelling and stair rails. After adding Floetrol the paint had a lovely consistency, application very smooth and the result was a very ‘high end finish’. Would thoroughly recommend this product.

  18. Avatar

    Tenorman Verified Owner

    Used recently with Leyland Trade satin and a good quality Wooster brush including on some flat doors. Very pleased with the whole experience and finished result. Will continue to use with water based paints.

  19. Avatar

    Patrick Charlton Verified Owner

    Used this product to try and get a good finish on a water based paint. Did the job well. Paint had time to flatten and leave a finish similar to a solvent paint. Will definitely use again.

  20. Avatar

    Raine Verified Owner

    Love this product makes using water based paints so much more easier too use and also makes the paint last longer and go further. This product is also a big Help when using a spray gun as the waiter based paint no longer clogs in the sprayer. You can also used it with gloss paints again in a spray fantastic. Thank you for this amazing product Floetrol!

  21. Avatar

    Dave Burns Verified Owner

    Anyone who has used Plastidip’s HCF (hard coat finish) water based acrylic and especially the black colour will know that you can’t apply it by brush and not leave brush marks (and I’m using Purdy brushes at that) this paint does however cover extremely well with a single coat, you just can’t get shut of brush or even roller marks and as such you can imagine it is very resistant to running even banged on heavy, so I saw this Floetrol stuff and thought I’d give it a whirl and found it not to help much, and at the recommended ratio not at all so I give this product only one star relating only to it’s affect with Plastidip HCF, it may well do a good job with other water based paint and going by the other reviews is very likely to be the case, just don’t buy it for HCF from Plastidip.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team Verified Owner

      Hi Dave,
      We are sorry that you have had a negative experience with Floetrol. Unfortunately we would be in agreement that it sounds like Floetrol is not compatible with your specific coating. Unfortunately we cannot test it in every water-based paint on the market, so it will be trial and error with certain paint. It is good that we know about this now and thank you for bringing it to light to inform future customers. We hope you are able to have positive results with Floetrol in the future with a different coating.
      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

  22. Avatar

    Phil Verified Owner

    At last I’ve achieved a good result with waterbased gloss paint by using this product. Workability and finish hugely improved.

  23. Avatar

    Crafter Verified Owner

    I do a lot of furniture decoupage, so it’s important to get as few brush marks as possible – this really works to keep the finish silky, even with emulsion paint. Look forward to trying it with a spray. Also, a little goes a long way. Very pleased.

  24. Avatar

    mark rice

    the painting specialist loves this product ,i use it on every job i do and it makes my work and life so much easier ,

  25. Avatar

    The Grumpy Old Git Verified Owner

    Made the water based gloss useable, longer open time, felt better to lay off and levelled so much better that even a large windowsill looked good.
    Fantastic product. Well done!

  26. Avatar

    terry mac

    floetrol makes painting with waterbased paints a joy it makes the paint flow with brush or roller so much better

  27. Avatar

    runaround Verified Owner

    I was about to throw away my tin of Diamond paint – as it hates being used over large areas and tends to clog up the brush. Floetrol worked a treat, and the end result was worth the purchase.

  28. Avatar

    winterznight Verified Owner

    I’m not used to painting and made a mess painting a door with a well know water based paint and had to sand it off. I saw Floetrol mentioned on the internet and bought a sample. I was very pleased with it and will definitely be using it for any future painting.

  29. Avatar

    steven redfern Verified Owner

    Added floetrol to diamond paint and it gave a lot more open time for covering large area and produced a superior finish

  30. Avatar

    steven redfern Verified Owner

    Used this product with diamond matt for large areas to cover and very happy with results, no dragging or peeling as can happen with diamond paint. Would highly recommend

  31. Avatar

    Tom Verified Owner

    Added Floetrol to water based undercoat and gloss and can honestly say I was delighted with the open time and finish. It will now be an essential piece of kit for further water based jobs.

  32. Avatar


    Since sending my initial enquiry I have managed to source some Floetrol (Brewer’s Decorator’s Centre in Parkstone, Poole) and have done some experiments using a number of different water-based finishings from different manufacturers and I am really extremely impressed by the results. Flow is much better and more similar to a traditional oil/solvent-based paint than I could have imagined possible and the paint remains open long enough to reduce roller and brush marks almost entirely.

    This really is an amazing product and I am very pleased to have found your company and will be passing your details on to others as I can fully recommend your product.

    So thanks again, and I’m now looking forward to trying some of your other products – if they work as well as Floetrol then I will be very pleased indeed.

  33. Avatar

    Renny Smith

    As a Decorator and Finisher for many years I have tried and tested many ‘new’ products that promise great things yet deliver less. VOC EU nonsense will prevail and oil based products are disappearing meaning that the ‘lesser’ water based products are in the ascendency. I have dabbled with water based finishes periodically and have been disappointed with every one. The finish is always suspect with brush marks and orange peeling from rollers etc. Some products dry too quickly to ‘lay off’ satisfactorily which is frustrating. I was advised by my local decorator’s merchant (Brewer) to use Floetrol – unbelievable!! So rarely has a product lived up to the hype and verbiage posted on it’s label but on this occasion I concur, and then some. I have never felt it necessary to write to any manufacturer to praise, complain or anything but on this occasion I feel it is the very least this product deserves.

  34. Avatar

    Decorum 28

    Floetrol is the best paint conditioner in town!

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Coverage: Coverage will vary
Tools: Brush, Roller, Airless, HVLP or Cup Gun Sprayer
Suitable for: Exterior & Interior use
Clean up: Soap & water
Drying Time: As per paint manufacturer’s instructions
Additive for: Water-based coatings – Emulsion, Acrylic, Vinyls
Suitable Coatings: Paint, woodstains, varnishes (not clear)

Technical Data

Read the full technical information for Floetrol on our corporate website.