Sean's bar after restoration

AJ Painting uses Owatrol Oil to help restore Sean’s Bar

This post has been written by Aaron of AJ Painting who has been using various Owatrol products over the years on all kinds of projects.

We wanted to share a recent project with you all where they used Owatrol Oil to help re-paint Sean’s Bar – the oldest pub in the world!

Check out their social media pages and website at the bottom of the post for more information.

Written by Aaron of AJ Painting

One of our latest projects was to restore the exterior of Sean’s Bar. Over the years it has been difficult to tackle the project with the precision needed, due to the busy season with customers.

All images credit to AJ Painting

I took the opportunity to strip back the old coats of paint and strip back the 4 timber columns. With the restrictions in place during this very unfortunate time, I had a bit more time to strip back and reapply the paint.

I used Tikkurila Temaprime to prime and Temalac oil to finish the walls. This paint is extremely durable which is ideal for a busy area like Sean’s Bar.

The timber columns were treated with Owatrol Oil, the oil helps draw any moisture out of the timber, which allows a better surface to fill and paint. The columns were primed with Zinsser Coverstain and finished with Dulux Oil-based Gloss.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome.

All images credit to AJ Painting

I generally use Owatrol products on every project. I use the Owatrol oil in oil-based satinwood which helps achieve a better finish by eliminating brush marks, as well as E-B on all my 1st coats on exterior projects to help the paint bond to the substrates. Floetrol is also frequently used with my water-based projects, especially with darker colours as Floetrol helps keep a wet edge which helps prevent ‘picture framing’.

Thank you so much Aaron for using Owatrol Oil on this fantastic project. We’re sure you will all agree it turned out great!

To find out more about AJ Painting, head on over to their Instagram page or website here. You can learn more about the oldest pub in the world Sean’s Bar here.

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