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Marine Strip

Solvent-free paint and antifouling stripper for marine use

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Marine Strip
  • Simply strip by rinsing with water
  • Does not dry, long active work time - up to 24 hours
  • Removes up to 8 coats of paint, varnish, stains, anti-fouling at one application
  • Easy to apply gel consistency which will not run - ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Safe to use on all surfaces, including G.R.P. but not Aluminium

Marine Strip is a powerful water-soluble paint and anti-fouling stripper designed for marine uses which can remove up to 8 coats in just one application. It is perfect for use on boat gelcoats as it’s gel consistency means no drips, even on vertical surfaces. It is safe to use on virtually any surfaces including wood, plastic, metal and GRP and it makes stripping even intricate detailing a doddle!

As it’s water-soluble, Marine Strip can simply be rinsed away with water using a pressure washer and it has an active working time of up to 12 hours meaning it doesn’t require constant supervision and immediate removal as some products do. It is VOC free and non flammable, so Marine Strip is safe to use in poorly ventilated or confined areas. Marine Strip is not effective on 2 component, baked-on paints or polyurethane paint and varnish. Marine Strip is a must-have for all boat owners, a powerful but easy to use paint stripper for almost any surface on your boat.

Ideal Uses for Marine Paint Stripper

  • Reviving the gelcoat on your boat
  • Stripping peeling paint or varnish from handrails
  • Removing wood stain from boat decks
  • Stripping old paint from metal fixtures


Marine Strip will not remove 2-pack paints, for this use DSP 800 (except on GRP and plastics).

Always read the Marine Strip Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

First remove any loose and flaking paint. Then  brush off any physical surface contamination i.e. moss, general dirt etc.

Application of Marine paint stripper

Always try a sample area first. Apply a thick coat of Marine Strip over the whole surface to be stripped using a flat blade, roller or brush. Let the product work for the desired length of time. To remove Marine Strip and any dissolved paint, rinse it very thoroughly with fresh water and a brush or pressure washer (use hot water to make this easier).

Using Marine Strip on Wood

If the surface which has been stripped is wood, always neutralise it with Net-Trol immediately afterwards. For best results do not let Marine Strip work longer than required to dissolve the paint. ‘Weak’ wood like some veneers or plywoods may be damaged so always test first! Hardwood, especially those rich in tannins (oak, exotic wood,…) can turn dark if in prolonged contact with Marine Strip. Where Marine Strip has darkened the wood do not allow it to dry prior to using Net-Trol.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with water.


  • Marine Strip will not remove 2 pack paints, baked on paints or polyurethane paint and varnish.
  • Do not use on ‘weak’ woods such as veneers.
  • Do not use on aluminium.

Things to Remember

  • Always carry out a preliminary test to determine the contact time required for stripping.
  • Wear chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing.
  • For best results on wood, do not let Marine Strip work longer than required to dissolve the paint.
  • Treat stripped wooden surfaces with Net-Trol to restore the wood’s original colour.
  • Cover and protect everything you do not wish to strip, including plants and shrubs.
  • Apply between 5°C and 35°C.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface.
  • Do not allow Marine Strip to dry on the surface. If drying occurs dampen with mist application of water.
  • Consult us for additional information and advice prior to using Marine Strip on Oak and Chestnut.

6 reviews for Marine Strip

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  1. Avatar

    Adrian Leggett Verified Owner

    This product is perfect for using on composite doors. Bought this to strip paint off my front door. Put it on, left for one hour and jet washed off. Repainted and it looks amazing.

  2. Avatar

    Michael Pichel-Juan Verified Owner

    I am removing layers of badly painted red on the superstructure of a Shetland 16. Marine strip is amazing; paint it on, go and do somehting else for a while and then wash it off with a hose and a nylon bristled brush. No need to work at fiddly corners etc., just hose and scrub. I have had to do a few applications, but that was to be expected. Excellent and worth the money.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your review of Marine Strip. We are glad you had a great experience with it.
      If you have any before and after shots of you using it on your Shetland 16, we would love to see and share them on our social media pages – if you are happy to do this, please send your pictures to: sales@owatroluk.com

      Thanks again.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  3. Avatar

    Guy Verified Owner

    This does work very well. I used it on a deck which had had several layers of deck paint applied. Because the paint was therefore pretty thick, it needed several “strips” to get through it all – but that is hardly surprising. I think it saves a lot of effort and perhaps more importantly it reduces the trauma to the underlying surface if other more mechanical methods are used.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team

      Hi Guy,

      Thank you so much for your recent review and 5 star rating on Owatrol’s Marine Strip.
      We are very happy to hear that you were happy with the end results.

      If you have any before and after shots (or even only after shots) of your deck, we would love to turn your experience into a case study.
      If you are happy to do this, then please send your photos along with any quotes you’d be happy for us to use to: sales@owatroluk.com

      Thank you once again.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  4. Avatar

    Daviud Mason Verified Owner

    David Mason – June 2017

    I recently bought a 20 year old Seaward 25 where previously the gelcoat had been over coated with varnish from the surrounding woodwork. Application required to be done carefully with a 1 inch paint brush in order not to disturb the varnished wood. Removal was effected with a nailbrush and then washed down with water. The results are excellent and only the most stubborn areas required a second coating. The gelcoat survived intact and has now been polished and looks like new. I have no hesitation in recommending Owatrol.

  5. Avatar

    David Smith Verified Owner

    I recently used this product, very successfully and easily, to completely remove several coatings of old -fouling from a long keel GRP boat. After trial and error I found the following method most effective:
    Apply fairly thickly during cool, high moisture weather conditions and keep moist with the occasional fine spray of water. After a couple of hours remove the bulk of the material with a very sharp scraper. Apply a further fine spray of water and leave for a few minutes before removing the remainder with a stiff, plastic washing up brush, hosing over both brush and brushed hull area frequently.
    I only found it necessary to repeat the process in relatively small areas.

  6. Avatar

    Grahame Wareham Verified Owner

    I have been using Marine Strip to remove the paint down to the GRP layer on a 35 year old double deck bus. With some 10 coats of paint present I found that it effectively removes all the paint after two applications. The clean up with soapy water is excellent and after a good rinse the surface is like new.

    My method of stripping is for the best results and economical use is to leave the Marine Strip on for 24 hours.

    I will have no hesitation in ordering another 2.5 litres in a few weeks time to strip another vehicle

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