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FAQs about using Floetrol in your acrylic paint pouring

Acrylic paint pouring has exploded in the art world in the last year or so and it’s easy to see why.

Many artists have opted to use Owatrol Floetrol as a pouring medium in their art, as its consistency helps move the paint around the canvas easier and it helps to create strong ‘cells’.

Just take a look at these fantastic pieces by Asha Tank who used Floetrol;


Apollo by Asha Tank Art









Floetrol is a water-based paint conditioner that is traditionally used to help ease brush and roller marks appearing when painting your walls.

We’re not sure who decided to try it out in their art first, but we have had many artists asking about the use of Floetrol in their art. So, we thought we would do a Q&A of our most commonly asked questions.

Can Floetrol be used in acrylic paints? In particular, artists’ acrylics?

You can use Floetrol with any water-based or acrylic-based paints.

Will Floetrol change the colour or hue of the paint over time?

No, Floetrol will not effect the colour of the paint.

Once dry, should we expect any changes in the future?

Floetrol will not change overtime. If there are any changes, it will only be due to the natural ageing of the paint.

Is it safe to use a torch with Floetrol when working?

Floetrol should be safe to heat as it is non-flammable.

Should we worry about fumes or skin contact?

When Floetrol is used as is, there is no concern in regards to fumes or skin contact. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be a lack of fumes when you heat or use a torch with Floetrol. This is because this is a new area of use for Floetrol and so is not something that it has been tested for.

We recommend that any product you use when heating up or torching that you take all safety precautions.

Will it flake or go chalky over time?

No, Floetrol will not flake or go chalky over time, however, it can’t stop the paint from doing so.

Is there anything that you should not mixed with Floetrol?

You should only mix Floetrol with water-based or acrylic-based paints or with paints that have both oil and acrylic mixed together.

We would recommend for the latter that you perform a test to check for compatibility.

Would using a higher ratio of Floetrol than those recommended for use in house paints have a negative effect?

Using a different ratio will not have any long-lasting or negative effects. The only thing you will find is that adding more than is recommended may make it to become opaque. Thi is not necessarily a negative and just purely depends on what it is you are trying to achieve.

What is the shelf life of Floetrol?

Floetrol’s shelf life is one year when left in its original unopened packaging. Once the Floetrol has been opened we are not able to give a definitive shelf life. This is because there are just too many variables.

However, if Floetrol is kept in the correct storage conditions you should expect it will still be good to use after 12 months.

What is the shelf life once mixed with paint?

The Floetrol will last for as long as the paint lasts.

What surfaces should you not use Floetrol on?

To our knowledge, the only surface you cannot use Floetrol on is silicone.

If you use floetrol as directed, how soon should you expect to have to repaint where it was used as an additive?

You will only need to do this when the paint requires a repaint.

Does Floetrol dull the colours or the sheen of the paint?

Water-based and acrylic-based gloss paints that have a 70% or more gloss level may have the sheen reduced slightly. Apart from this, Floetrol has no effect.

When was Floetrol originally launched?

Floetrol was launched in 1990.

So that’s it – our most commonly asked questions about using Floetrol in acrylic paint pouring art!

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any other tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Images and questions courtesy of Asha Tank

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