Balau decking after Textrol

Balau decking restored thanks to Owatrol

Unfortunately, it’s common to see beautiful garden decks become grey and dirty. The most common way this happens is by using a low quality finishing product on the wood. Sadly, this was indeed the case for this customer.

They decided to finish their balau decking with a low quality wood oil, which after only 3 months turned their beautiful garden deck into the cold, grey and dirty feature you see below.

This customer decided to hire R&A Pressure Washing Services – a professional pressure washer and cleaner. After seeing the deck, he recommended using Owatrol products to restore it back to its former glory.

So, what did he use?

First, remove the previous oil

First thing’s first. Roger had to remove the oil that the customer had previously applied and for this he decided to use Prepdeck. Prepdeck is wood stripper specifically designed for removing both old solid stains as well as semi-transparent stains.

This customer’s deck had very tight grooves and so he had to be sure to thoroughly scrub the deck. This was essential to getting the previous finish completely removed. Owatrol products are deeply penetrating and so the wood must be free from any residual finish before going any further.

You will find that inferior products will simply sit on the surface of the wood and will soon be peeling and flaking off, or turning your wood dirty and grey.

Next, neutralise the wood

Once the wood was completely removed, he then needed to use a neutraliser. This is a very important step as the neutraliser stops the active ingredient in the stripper from continuing to work.

He decided to use Net-Trol. Net-Trol is a powerful wood cleaner, neutraliser and brightener for greyed and weathered wood. It gently revives the wood back to it’s natural state all without causing damage to the wood fibres.

Net-Trol is easy to apply and fast acting  – you could have results in 15 minutes!

Lastly, apply the finish

Once the wood was stripped, neutralised and left to dry, he could then apply the finish. The customer opted for Textrol in Clear as they wanted to be able to see the balau wood’s natural colour. It is also available in 6 other shades to match the colour of your wood.

To get this finish he simply applied 2 coatings.

Textrol is a wood oil that enhances woods natural colour, offers a mildew-resistant finish and provides outstanding and long lasting protection from the damaging effects of moisture and UV rays.

As you can see, once finished, the deck looked amazing!

Remember, although other available products may seem to be the best cost-effective way of completing your deck, they simply do not last. As many other products simply sit on the surface of the wood, the finish will eventually peel and flake, leaving the wood exposed to the elements.

You may even find yourself in a situation where it will cost you a lot more to restore the wood than if you used a premium product to begin with.

Owatrol products are long-lasting and high quality, offering unrivalled protection with the most superior of finishes.

Thank you so much to R&A Pressure Washing Services for sharing your work. The deck looks amazing!

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