These are just a few of our happy customers, we love it when people are so pleased that they take the time to tell us! You can also see lots of our customer’s opinions on individual products in the Owatrol range by looking at the reviews section on each product listing page.

If you’ve been pleased with your experience with Owatrol then please do either get in touch with us via our contact page or write a review of the product you used.

Steve Howard, Northamptonshire – 10/05/14

I came across Owatroldirect by accident after an internet search looking for a really high quality product to treat and maintain decking. I am so pleased that I did because the quality of all the products I have bought, how easy they are to use and the results they achieve has exceeded even my high expectations. They are completely brilliant and unlike others really do do exactly what they say. That would have been good enough for me but what has compelled me to write is the quality of service and advice from Owatrol UK. It is rare nowadays to come across companies with a real and genuine focus on customer service and satisfaction, but in Owatrol it is very much alive and well!

So in summary 10/10 for the product and 10/10 for the service…..I  could not recommend them more highly.

Renny Smith – 13/9/13

As a Decorator and Finisher for many years I have tried and tested many ‘new’ products that promise great things yet deliver less. VOC EU nonsense will prevail and oil based products are disappearing meaning that the ‘lesser’ water based products are in the ascendancy. I have dabbled with water based finishes periodically and have been disappointed with every one. The finish is always suspect with brush marks and orange peeling from rollers etc. Some products dry too quickly to ‘lay off’ satisfactorily which is frustrating. I was advised by my local decorator’s merchant (Brewer) to use Floetrol – unbelievable! So rarely has a product lived up to the hype and verbiage posted on it’s label but on this occasion I concur, and then some. I have never felt it necessary to write to any manufacturer to praise, complain or anything but on this occasion I feel it is the very least this product deserves.

Guy Parsons – 5/8/13

Thanks very much for the advice. In the end I actually found what I was looking for on your website and
ordered some Seasonite early last week. It’s already been applied and I now look forward to next Spring when I can get cracking with the Net-Trol, followed by the Textrol! Just for your info, I found the Seasonite a doddle to apply. All instructions on the 2.5L container were clear, concise and easy to understand. Your company website is also thoughtfully laid out. I’ve been very impressed with Owatrol so far…

Colin Richardson – 17/7/13

Painting final outside coat of High Gloss White. Thank you Owatrol your oil is certainly saving the day.

Jayne Lucock – 16/6/13

Further to my telephone call with yourself regarding the use of Seasonite and my subsequent conversation with Thomas please can I register my thanks for the excellent help you and Thomas have given me regarding the product and the care of my new deck/balcony.  Thomas was very helpful and is obviously very passionate about his work and certainly has a great deal of knowledge on the upkeep of decking/products.  Due to his help the Seasonite is exactly what I am looking for so will be putting in an order next week once I’ve measured up. Once again many thanks for your excellent service.

Traditional Painter – 10/10/12

If you paint & want to raise your standards overnight see Owatrol conditioners. We use them daily! We rate their products & their ethos very highly. Top company.

Wayne de Wet (Dulux Select Decorator of the Year 2011) – 10/9/12

Owatrol is like any premium product…. Once you take that step to try it… See the results your then sold ….. Great product!

Bear Improvements – 8/9/12

This week I’ve been using paint additive ‘E-B’ by Owatrol on rendered walls suffering from chalking. Another great Owatrol product :-).

Alan Iles Property Maintenance & Decorating Services – 4/8/12

There are many products & additives to aid the professional painter & decorator in their work, and consistently the company who supplies products that work exceptionally well are Owatrol.

Jeanette Bird – 31/5/12

I just wanted to let you know I have finished cleaning and oiling my garden furniture and I can honestly say it has never looked this good since we originally had it. Your products have been really great and I do appreciate the guidance you gave me if the first place.

Ronan Decorating (Matt Boore) – 9/3/11

I’m very impressed with the outcome. I would definitely put my name against/alongside your products!

Andy Crichton – 4/2/11

My personal experience of the Owatrol range includes Owatrol Oil and Floetrol paint conditioners and Emulsa-Bond. They deliver invaluable benefits not just for professional painters and decorators but, based on feedback, for DIY too (improved durability and a better quality of finish work.) And as with all the best companies, their customer service is outstanding. A more helpful team you couldn’t hope to meet.

Plan It Contractors (George McKendrick) Expert – 13/10/10

It is not often that we write to suppliers but I have done so today to say that put simply your products are one of the best we have seen in 38 years. We bought Net-trol and Textrol for hardwood decking now fully restored after going grey having NEVER been treated ever. We also used your SCS on a garden hut, fence and garden feature which had also never been treated in three years. It has restored the wood, they shed water like an umbrella and look stunning. Our Client is delighted with us and we are delighted with Owatrol. I have heard it said that it is an expensive product; rubbish, an expensive product is one that has to be applied three times, last five minutes and ruins your reputation. Owatrol is quite simply the best that money can buy at any price.